How to apply for a New DMR ID

(This information is as of 4-20-2018),

**** Please Note ****

Information and steps subject to change without notice, I hold no responsibility for accuracy and for any changes made by admins of DMR networks, Though will try to keep the things up to date.


These Steps for DMR ID registration are for NON-EU stations. And are intended for helping VU Stations.


  1. First and Foremost these instructions are for Licensed Amateur Radio Operators ONLY. This is not for any type of Commercial user / Non Amateur Radio / Personal use User of any country. Its very Important for a user to have a proper DMR ID in order to participate in the use of Amateur Radio DMR network, in a proper way
  2. Please make sure before you go forward, that your details are up to date on database.
  3. If your details are correct and up to date on; then go ahead with the new DMR ID access steps by following URL : you can google and search this link too
  4. Click on ‘Register ID’ link on the top Menu of the site and post which read through the guidelines
  5. Click the ‘User Registration’ link/button at the bottom of the page
  6. Enter your Call Sign and click Validate, for Validation if it’s already register or not, it’s a check done before applying for new ID
  7. For New Users, the default information will come from
  8. Then ADD DMR USER menu will come up, with your information prefilled, however its recommend to fix the errors i.e. Example of good record, highlighted should come filled or should be filled appropriately against the desired fields:
  • Country :India
  • Frist Name : Your First Name
  • Last Name : Your Last Name
  • City: : City in which your QTH is (You can edit this field manually to display properly, example to show it as 'Delhi' and remove rest of the text)
  • State Prov : 4043( Chose the 4 digit number corresponding to your State example for Delhi its 4043)             
  • Radio Type : DMR
  • Email Add : Your valid active email ID, it should be same as
  • Comment : Mention that you are a Licensed Amateur Radio Operator and requesting a DMR ID. Keep it brief. >>> ( though this field is Optional)
  • Click on right of the form, That you are not a ‘Robot’


  1. Validate one more time all the information input or auto filled, make sure that only the information corresponding to the point no. 8 filed is showing up no additional information is getting attached to it, as sometimes when the data is auto fetched from City information doesn’t come proper, you can correct it manually
  2. Once all information has been validated and looks good, click Register, you will receive your DMR ID details in email in next 24-48hrs, in case email is not in inbox, check your spam folder as well
  3. Once your ID is ready and updated in the data, you can check your id. by clicking then go to menu – ‘Database’  then click ‘User Database’ link/button on the top menu and post which make use of search criteria for desired search.

Hope this helps. Looking forward to hear you on DMR.


Karan, VU2YEP

Sys Op of VU2FUN and VU2HUB repeaters, India Hams Amateur Radio Repeater Club

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